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Real Estate
Mini Websites

A formula developed specifically for individuals who wish to sell their house in a quick and affordable way.

A Real Estate Mini Website allows you to have your real estate property on Internet in various languages with its own domain name, a detailed description of your house (apartment, villa, townhouse, semi-detached villa, parcel, land or any other type of lodging) with photos and headings and a video blog.

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Mini real estate websites, Very small real estate websites

Mini Webite

The Mini Webite + is a mini website completed by specific requests ordered by the clients.

Mini web sites

This website above for example, has been designed for a client who wanted a website to rent his four apartments near the sea. On customer request, this project had required two photographic reports, one for the inside outside apartments and another to show the golf course near the building where the apartments are to be rented.

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Mini website to sell your house

Search Engine Optimization

"internet marketing techniques"
The creation of a website by any company involves a strategic decision and must form part of its Marketing Plan. Even if your site has an excellent design, if it does not appear in the first results of search engines then the money invested will not serve any purpose. If it does not appear in first two pages then your company does not exist on Internet.

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from more than 9 600 000 results!

The objective of our site is to help companies to maximize their sales using technology and especially the Internet which practically is present in all the houses and businesses of the world. Of every 100 searches performed in the search engine, more than 90 of them are performed through Google, therefore the importance to have correct web ranking in Google.

We offer you a series of solutions for best quality of your web traffic, increasing the percentage of visitors and converting these into possible clients of your products and services.

Ranking in Google (SEO)

Our work methodology is to rank a web page in Google through SEO based on four fundamental aspects:

1/ A detailed analysis

posicionamiento en motores de busqueda We perform complete analysis of your website and study all the variables (key words, tags, meta tags, structure, internal links, design, programming language, content of webpage and online competition) which influences in indexing your site and we analyze all the aspects which influence your positioning.

2/ A well defined strategy

strategia de primera posicion en Google We analyze traffic of your web site, user status time, traffic sources through which navigation is done, where the site is abandoned and all the aspects which can influence so that your website does not retain the user. We define the objectives and measures for achieving optimum ranking.

3/ A precise and specific optimization

posicionamiento y optimización en Google The website is optimized following the criteria and SEO parameters: page title, texts in internal links, H1 headings, H2 headings, comments in the photos, Web aging, the URL, words in bold, density of words and some more internal criteria.

4/ A regular and efficient follow up

optimizacion en Google y posicionamiento internet We periodically report the activities performed and we analyze the progress achieved and establish correct strategies in case required.

Write us to our email account if you desire to receive more information on how 4netwebs can help you in your personal project or to know how we can help you in ranking your web page in Google through an SEO ranking strategy.

Be visible
on Google!

To be on Google means to show yourself to the majority of the internet users and even better if your website is on the first page of this search engine.

The level of competition is such that this is the only valid option to achieve that your company or business functions smoothly on Internet!

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search engine optimisation and web search marketing services


We provide you a wide array of experience in the design and development of online shops and e-commerce pages.

We offer you integral solutions based on web applications through a detailed study of your requirements and objectives.

online store, e-commerce, virtual shopping

We rely on the most modern technological tools to sell on Internet more efficiently and develop and structure your e-commerce platform successfully.

With a minimum investment, your online virtual shop will increase your sales and benefits and you will be able to sell online in a completely automated and simple manner, quickly and economically.

online store development web sites

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