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Real Estate
Mini Websites

A formula developed specifically for individuals who wish to sell their house in a quick and affordable way.

A Real Estate Mini Website allows you to have your real estate property on Internet in various languages with its own domain name, a detailed description of your house (apartment, villa, townhouse, semi-detached villa, parcel, land or any other type of lodging) with photos and headings and a video blog.

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Mini real estate websites, Very small real estate websites

Mini Webite

The Mini Webite + is a mini website completed by specific requests ordered by the clients.

Mini web sites

This website above for example, has been designed for a client who wanted a website to rent his four apartments near the sea. On customer request, this project had required two photographic reports, one for the inside outside apartments and another to show the golf course near the building where the apartments are to be rented.

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Mini website to sell your house
Your Mini
Web Site +
will help you to reach your customers either throughout the day or night!

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like a true
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Real Estate Mini Websites

"to sell faster your property!"
To sell flats, houses or apartments is quite easy when a property market is in boom and when prices increase. Nevertheless, in times of real-estate crisis, selling your property is more complicated.

With the current property market,it is most advisable to use all possible alternative mediums which can be useful to make the sale.

A marketing tool within your reach to sell more quickly is the Real Estate Mini Website.
The internet users want to get a maximum of informations when they look for real estate properties. Only one advertisement is insufficient. The solution is to sell your house through a personal website (economic mini website) where there is no limit of text or images. It will be the most appropriate medium.

Advantages of a Real Estate Mini Website

Potential clients can inform about their accommodation at any time, from any place equipped with internet, in the comfort of their house or office.

Your house is in constant promotion, through easy Internet access.

It does not only promote your house, it can also receives information from your visitors through a contact form. So, your visitors may express their interest, doubts or comments through a website. It becomes a powerful communication tool.

The advantage of advertising on the Internet through your own webpage is that it reaches thousands of potential buyers, much more than as published in newspapers, placing cards, etc.

In times of economic crisis, it is necessary to sell to foreigners as many of them look for houses to live, vacationing and investing. You can comfortably reach foreign clients translating your site in Spanish, English or other languages. In such manner, it ensures that your advert is not skipped due to language barrier.

If your website is well ranked in Google you will have more options to sell, as you will receive many more inquiries.
A property with its own website
is the perfect way to promote your property
to make it stand out, show it to its best and sell it faster!

Mini sitios internet

Mini Website to sell your house

Do you have a house, an apartment or a plot to sell? A mini real estate website for your property, optimized for search engines and well designed, will capture possible clients, up to a point where you won't imagine!

Real estate Mini Website Exemples

Apartment for sale in Tenerife
Apartment for sale in Tenerife (2nd version)
Apartment for sale in Benalmadena
Pueblo Torrequebrada

From 98 €

real estate mini websites
  • Presentation of the property
  • Display of the purchase price
  • One main photograph
  • 4 extra photographs
House presented through a mini real estate website
  • Description of the property
  • Detailed specifications
  • Another big photograph
  • 4 extra photographs
Mini property website
  • Localisation of the property
  • Plan, address and access
  • Area description
  • 2 photos of the surroundings
Mini property internet website
  • Contact form
  • Telephone
  • 2 extra photographs
  • Key word list
Included in the purchase price of 98 €:
  • The 4 web pages design
  • Free hosting for 3 months
  • Free maintenance for 3 months
  • Domain name registration
  • Detailed statistics report about the visitors
  • Search engines and directories registration
Increase exposure for your property
with your own website!

Be visible
on Google!

To be on Google means to show yourself to the majority of the internet users and even better if your website is on the first page of this search engine.

The level of competition is such that this is the only valid option to achieve that your company or business functions smoothly on Internet!

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We rely on the most modern technological tools to sell on Internet more efficiently and develop and structure your e-commerce platform successfully.

With a minimum investment, your online virtual shop will increase your sales and benefits and you will be able to sell online in a completely automated and simple manner, quickly and economically.

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